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Anyone suffer from blackheads? Whiteheads? Acne? Oily skin? Yes, I bet you all suffer/have previously suffered from a least one. Today I’m going to try out a mask by PURE Skincare London that helps with acne, most importantly blackheads and all of the terrible oils within your skin.

I love the fact that their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

PURE Skincare London Ltd has launched their revolutionary skincare product range and brand. They are based in the heart of London and were set up with the intention of nourishing skin the way nature intended. They have launched their first product which is a significant improvement on the Black Mask for those that suffer from acne, blackheads, blemishes, oily skin and dry skin. They have revolutionised the product to contain natural, cruelty free, vegan, aloe vera, amino acids and rosemary leaf which their skincare experts and testing works amazing on all skin types, and easily peels off. The face masks on the market at the moment are sometimes a little harsh on the skin and Pure Skincare London say they have developed a face mask which is sensitive to the skin and does not cause any harm to the skin. Their product retails at only £3.79 and includes free UK shipping. Purchase can be made directly through instagram, ebay, amazon, paypal and they will be ranging their product in various stores across the UK.

They have dermatologically, clinically tested and trialled their product with experts for three months in order to enhance the product and its effects on skin. Pure Skincare London say they are very pleased with the end result and the response has been amazing!!

As a skincare company they are pleased to say that they have two in-house skincare dermatologists that work to advise their customers on how to improve their skin. They work tailored skincare plans with each customer, and work towards monthly goals and targets. They are currently running a competition to win a consultation with their skincare experts for free which will enable them to review your skin and provide with improvement advice [worth over £100].  Customers just have to tag into their pictures with our product in order to enter.


Together with leading skincare experts in London, Pure Skincare London has developed a brand and skincareconcept that will instantly improve the quality of skin and overtime replenish skin cells to their natural and blemish free glow thereby removing dead cells, acne and blackheads.

Their goal is to be a global player in the skincare market and develop a full range of skincare products to help the skin of both women and men. They would like to work hand in hand with their customers to ensure that their skincare needs are met. Their first product has been a great success and they are currently looking to work with a number of cruelty free and vegan box subscription services in order to expand their target market. They will also be in stores and outlets in July 2017 but currently they are selling online and through instagram (in which a number of purchase options are available for customers).

I interviewed the company and The interview has been done via email and the questions are answered below.


    • What is your motive to create your brand and what type of gap do you feel like you are filling in the skincare market?

    Our goal is to be a global player in the skincare market and develop a full range of skincare products to help the skin of both women and men. Our motivation is to create a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand that is great for sensitive skin yet contains active ingredients to reduce blemishes, acne and blackheads at source. We want create a skincare brand that encompasses the PURE brand and work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that their skincare needs are met. We are the only skincare brand that has in-house skincare experts that work directly with customers to provide tailored advice and diagnosis. Our first product, the Black Mask, has been a great success.

    • What keeps ‘Pure Skincare London’ passionate about helping people look beautiful?

    We stay passionate because we have an array of customers that rely on our expertise skincare advice. We are constantly working and developing new products for our customer needs. Our customer’s skincare problems are our skincare problems. We will work with you and devise a unique plan to improve your skin.

    • Why did you as a company decide to make your products vegan and cruelty free?

    We are very passionate about our products being vegan and cruelty free. We do not consider that we should take advantage of animal testing or ingredients that are derived from animals and these are at the forefront of our minds as we continue to grow the PURE brand. We are already providing our products to a number of vegan and cruelty free subscription boxes and the response has been amazing.

  • How long is the Black Mask predicted to last for?

We provide customers based on customer needs. We will continue to stock any of our products including the Black Mask until our customers’ needs change. We are currently experiencing huge success and we do not plan on stopping just yet. We are just getting started with our product and brand.

  • Why is ‘Pure Skincare London’s’ Black mask better than any other Black mask on the market?

We are the only Black Mask on the market that is vegan and cruelty free. Our Black Mask has also been specifically designed for our customers with sensitive skin as a number of our customers have complained that the masks currently on the market are harsh on their skin. We developed a product that is sensitive to the skin whilst working to reduce and ultimately alleviate acne, blemishes and blackheads. Our product also contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Charcoal, Amino Acids, and Rosemary Leaf which our skincare experts have developed and tested over a 3-month period with amazing results on the skin.

  •  Why should The Mindfulness Mission readers choose your mask over others on the market?

As explained above, we are a unique brand with a unique outlook to improve our customers skincare regime. We are based in the heart of London and were set up with the intention of nourishing skin the way nature intended. The face masks on the market at the moment are all harsh on the skin and we have developed a face mask which is sensitive to the skin and does not cause any harm to the skin. Our product retails at only £3.79 and includes a free mask and free UK shipping. We believe this is a very competitive price and good value for our customers.


    • Why do we get blackheads even if we wash our face well and take very good care of our skin?

    The air contains a lot of impurities and pollution which sticks to our skin and over time this pollution can clog our pores causing blackheads. It is vital that a skincare regime has a very good mask which removes dead skin cells and removes blackheads. Our Black Mask will ensure that these blackheads are removed and you will be able to see the results for yourself once you remove the mask.

    • How often should the Black Mask be used?

    We recommend that our Black Mask is used once a week as part of your skincare regime.

    • How does hot water/steam open your pores and cold water close your pores?

    The heat of the water relaxes your skin and opens your pores, which helps gets rid of excess oil, which may cause blackheads and acne. Once you have cleansed and your pores are open that are active to penetrate with our Black Mask. Once our product gets to work it is important that your pores are closed with cold water so that the effects are long lasting (and pollution does not get into those open pores).

    • Why have you chosen the ingredients in the black mask and how do they benefit the skin?

    Our in-house skincare experts have scientifically tested and developed the active ingredients because of the positive effects and results on the skin in particular reducing oil in the skin, blackheads, acne and blemishes. We have dermatologically and clinically tested and trialled our product with experts for three months in order to enhance the product and its effects on skin. We are very pleased with the end result and the response has been amazing!!

    • I tried your black mask and it was amazing! What is the main ingredient in the black mask that strips all the bad oils and some blackheads/whiteheads from your skin?

    We are glad that you love our product and your views are shared by all our customers. We not only want to remove blackheads for the short term but also in the long term and our core ingredients together have been designed specifically for this purpose. It is not just one ingredient which allows us to get the results we want to achieve.

    • What type of skin type is your Black Mask best for?

    Our Black Mask has been developed for all skin types and predominately sensitive skin who have suffered from harsh face masks in the past.

    • Lastly, What type of results can people expect from the Black Mask?

    Our product reviews and results have been amazing so far but do not take our word for it. Please try the product for yourself and tell us what you think!!